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Walking Foot, Even Feed

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This Walking Foot is designed to fit properly on the Singer Featherweight 221, 222 & many other older low shank Singer Sewing Machine models, including the wonderful full size machine, the Singer 201.


You can also watch our video, under the video tab, for more instructions on how to use the walking foot. 

  1. Make sure you remove this thread cutter before attaching the Walking Foot to the machine.
  2. Fork goes over the needle clamp screw
  3. Attach left prongs over presser bar and screw down tightly with your presser foot thumb screw.

You are wise to be conscientious of some of the new walking feet widely available - while many look alike, most are not designed with the old-fashioned Singer machine in mind.  Look closely at the photographs and you will see how the "teeth" on this particular walking foot are perfectly in line with the teeth on the feed dogs of the Featherweight 221 and 222. 

A few have inquired about a quarter inch measurement on this particular walking foot.  That's a good question that needs some additional explanation with the engineering and design of the Singer Featherweight 221 and 222.  An actual quarter inch measurement is not simultaneously feasible with a walking foot and a Featherweight while still maintaining enough grip and alignment with the narrow feed dogs.  A more open toe would be required (like modern zigzag machines often have), but that would offset the even feeding and cause the feed advancement to be imbalanced. Thus, the walking foot we have is designed specifically for the Singer Featherweight 221 and 222 (and other low shank Singers with similar narrow feed dogs) with the narrow feed dog teeth and vintage original machine design taken into account.

Therefore, in order to still achieve a quarter inch seam allowance while using the walking foot, we recommend a graduated throat plate - either a vintage original or a replica

A guide bar is included which can fit in either direction for channel quilting and straight-stitching equidistant to other stitching lines. 

With your Walking Foot, you can stitch "hard to feed" fabrics with no slipping, sticking or mis-matching.  Perfect for smooth, even seams, this foot is also ideal for flawless topstitching. 

Use it when stitching:

  • Quilts, and multiple layers
  • Knits, stretch fabrics, synthetics
  • Shiny fabrics - vinyls, patents, satins
  • Bonded fabrics
  • Pile fabrics - velvets, fake furs, brushed fabrics
  • Plaids, stripes, patterns

Hint 1:  Where pattern matching has to be perfect, use a slightly shorter stitch than usual.

Hint 2:  When sewing smooth, shiny fabrics, use a slightly longer stitch than usual. 

Hint 3:  When working with a quilt, make sure to work slowly and carefully, not letting the weight of the quilt work against the needle.  You don't want to pull or sew too fast, or the needle can hit the metal foot piece, weakening where it's joined at the Walking Foot.  

If you have been wanting a proper working walking foot for the Singer Featherweight 221 and 222, well - you finally found one here, at The Featherweight Shop.

NOTE:  Quite often we receive questions about a good Walking Foot for the Singer 301.  Unfortunately, in all the years of Singer Attachments, there was not a Walking Foot designed for proper feet/teeth alignment to that particular model machine.  Until we discover that a new after-market Walking Foot has been specifically designed, there are no options available at this time for a Singer 301 (301A) model Sewing Machine.cing

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